/10 Fun Date Ideas For Pregnant Moms And Their Partners

10 Fun Date Ideas For Pregnant Moms And Their Partners

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Being pregnant entails numerous limitations. As months pass by, the more these restrictions heighten up to an extent wherein you can’t do anything but wait for the big day. Then after the baby is born, you’ll go into the full motherhood phase. You’ll get swamped with things to do that are kid-related for years until they are all grown up and able to do things on their own. According to Dr. Irene Milentijevic, “Regardless of whether you’re dealing with pre-existing depression, depression caused by a recent loss, problems at work or in a relationship, depression can cause negative effects on your mental state and on your unborn baby. As a mother, you want the best for your baby, which is why it’s very important that you seek help if you are depressed while pregnant.”

Indeed, the parenthood transition is long but rewarding. The only set back here is that you cannot do the usual things you do with your partner in between these phases. Well, if you take some time to enjoy the things you two love to do and put the effort into it, anything is possible.


Below are some dating tips for you and your partner to enjoy even if there’s a baby on the way:


Picnic Under The Stars

Pack a blanket and some snacks. Find a place where you and your partner can have an open view of the skies at night. Download an application that has to do with constellations and have fun identifying them together.


Body Paint Date

You can do a little art with your partner. Get body paint and play. This should be a fun activity to do. It may even lead to sexual intercourse, which is still acceptable even when you are pregnant. According to Sarah Hunter Murray Ph.D., “…although several of the studies documented decreases in vaginal intercourse, there were no significant changes noted in the frequency of other sexual activities over the course of pregnancy, including of oral sex, anal sex, masturbation, kissing and fondling/petting.”


Take A Short Hike

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Hiking allows the two of you to bond and at the same time, but the excited mother on her feet. It will be a proper exercise preparation for the mom on her delivery day.


Play A Round Of Mini-Golf

You and your partner can have a mini-golf tournament. It may not be that fancy, but it is fun to do. You can go to an amusement center or set up a mini-golf course in your backyard.


Root Beer Tasting

Since you can’t drink beer at this time, go for the pseudo-beer called root beer! Buy all the root beer brands in the supermarket and spend a root beer tasting time with your hubby or boyfriend.


Have A Media-Free Moment

Have that moment with your loved one that doesn’t involve cell phones, laptops, television or any other device that would connect you to the internet world. You two must have an honest-to-goodness, uninterrupted conversation with just about anything under the sun.


Book A Couple’s Massage

Getting a massage together is another way to bond with your loved one. You can do some small talk while getting that Swedish preggy massage (for you) which will make you relaxed. He can opt for a stronger massage service, though. Furthermore, this is also beneficial to the expecting mother, with all the weight gain and emotional roller coaster. A massage would do wonders for you.


Go Out For Dessert

After your meal, go out for dessert. Get dressed and satisfy that sweet tooth. Order something new which can be a tasty experience for both of you.


Grocery Shopping And Fancy Dinner At Home

Do groceries together and cook something sumptuous for dinner. Picking out the ingredients together is like personalizing the dish, and for sure, you two will enjoy the moment.


Catch A “Love” Show

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Watch a live show or a movie in a theater. If you two are fond of watching flicks at home, then take a break from that routine. Go out and have fun.


At the end of the day, “Finding healthy ways to reduce stress is an essential part of optimizing the health of mothers-to-be and the development of their babies from conception through the postnatal period,” Dr. Ann Diamond Weinstein emphasized. Try these things while you still can. Once the little ones are out, you will barely have the time to step out of your house. Enjoy these moments together wherein it’s just him and you. Build fond memories of each other and deposit that in your love bank.