/7 Things An Expectant Mother Should Never Do While In Labor

7 Things An Expectant Mother Should Never Do While In Labor

Ready to give birth and introduce him/her as the newest member of your brood? Though that means no more body pains or significant weight gain for you, the process isn’t a walk in the park. The delivery may reach higher levels of difficulty if you do things you don’t need to. Thus, you should never:

New research suggests role-playing and interacting with a doll helps expectant parents identify potential parenting conflicts that may develop after the baby has arrived. — Rick Nauert Ph.D.

  1. Go without a plan.

As the only person in the room to pop out a baby, you deserve to call all the shots. Just picture out the ideal birthing scenario in your mind, and then write your requests on a piece of paper. Everything depends on how your body and the child react to the procedure, that’s true. But it’s still best for your support group to know what you want to happen during labor possibly.

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  1. Be overwhelmed by the pain.

A flaw in the mindset of some pregnant ladies is the certainty that you can’t handle childbirth without an epidural. The drug may even be another source of discomfort since the doctor has to inject it in your spine. If it doesn’t work, they need to redo it.

You can power through the whole thing if you just educate yourself about various coping mechanisms.

Babies whose mothers had drugs during labor or delivery take longer to attempt to breastfeed and are more likely to cry when handled for up to seven weeks post-birth. — Darcia F. Narvaez Ph.D.

  1. Let the professionals make every decision for you.

Remember to still inquire about the physician’s succeeding steps once a turn of events necessitates you to forgo the birth plan. While the medical professionals mean well, you should have an idea of what they’ll perform on you before they do it. In case you are in a groggy state, inform your partner or a relative to do so on your behalf.

  1. Skip resting period.

Furthermore, it is a mistake to go through labor without taking a lot of rest beforehand. The reason is that the stress that certain life aspects bring to a non-pregnant individual may cripple him down. When you add childbirth to that, you may become exhausted in the middle of the process and endanger your lives.

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Perinatal depression affects at least 20% of all childbearing women, the percentage being higher in many populations (including teen moms and those facing poverty). — Andrea Schneider, LCSW

Eat heavy meals.

Food is supposed to give you energy; that’s why many suggest eating while laboring. Despite that, you should opt for choices that don’t have artificial flavorings and fats. Such types of meals cannot energize you; they may make you sleepier than anything, to be honest. Hence, you won’t be able to do your best during delivery.

  1. Be afraid of passing feces.

Pooping is a natural occurrence when you’re trying so hard to send your baby out into the world. You utilize the same muscles to do both, so your body can’t usually differentiate the two. Take it as a good sign, in fact, since it means you’re doing fine with the birthing procedure.

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  1. Stay on your back.

Giving birth can take longer than expected if you lay flat on the bed. New techniques and positions are being promoted to counter that, like squatting and standing. What’s important is that your birth canal is directly proportional to gravity.