Tips For An Effective Homeschooling Setup

The 2019 Home Schooling Conference came up with some tips for parents who are planning to have this kind of learning setup. Now, this concept is becoming more and more relevant due to the emergence of the coronavirus. With schools closed around the world, several families are now shifting to homeschooling.


However, some are still a little bit lost on how to go about this. With this in mind, here are some tips for an effective homeschooling setup.

Implement A Daily Schedule

Children are used to a set schedule in school. They have specific time slots for their subjects, playtime, and eating time. This is even more flexible at home since you can include some TV breaks, playing with pets, and other activities in the schedule. Just make sure that everything is value-adding physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Pattern With Curriculum

Some parents do not know where to start with their education plans. What you can do is to pattern your topics with their school curriculum. This is to ensure that what your children learn is still on par with what’s expected of them.

Setup An Effective Learning Environment

Even if you’re doing everything at home, you must keep the environment as ‘school-ey’ as possible. This way, they’ll feel more focused and dedicated and will most likely perform better. You can establish this classroom setting by putting aside a designated space just for schoolwork. Once they’re in that area, their minds will shift to a more serious approach.

Use Online Resources


Understand that you cannot draft every lesson plan on your own. The best way to address this is to use online resources. Some various sites and platforms offer free educational content. These sites teach not only subjects but some life skills as well.

Connect With Other Parents

Some of your co-parents at school are also likely implementing the homeschooling approach. As a parent, you should maximize this by connecting with them as well. For one, you can ask for good case practices and implement them as one of your teaching strategies. You may also set up group learning activities so that your kid can practice his or her social skills.

After Pregnancy Care: What A Mother Should Do For Herself After Giving Birth


The 2019 Parent-Teacher Conference highlighted Student-Led Conferences to enhance learning for the students. As a mother, you will want what is best for your child in terms of education, nutrition, and safety. Before you can give that to your newborn kid, you must take care of yourself first. Since you have carried your child inside you for nine months and gone through several hours of prenatal labor, you will need to recuperate.

Here are the things that you must do for yourself after your pregnancy.


Expect that your newborn will have a very different body clock from you and will be likely awake every three hours. So, after giving birth, take that much deserved rest. As a loving parent, it will be tempting to keep on holding on to your kid. However, remember that you have just gone to an exhausting pregnancy and labor, thus needs to recover to provide better care for your infant.

Besides sleeping, walking outside for a few minutes every day after giving birth is also recommended for new mothers. Aside from being refreshing, it can also be your postpartum exercise.

Eat Healthily 


Besides taking that well-deserved rest, you will also need to eat a healthy diet. Your body had gone through various changes during pregnancy and after giving birth, so it to be taken care of to be able to cope up with them. Also, you will be breastfeeding soon, and you need proper nutrition to provide for your child.

Health experts advise against rapid weight loss after pregnancy, as it can be harmful to both you and your baby. Instead of following drastic diet trends, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and drink lots of water. 

Ask For Help

Taking care of your newborn will be hard, especially if it is your first time. You may ask for help from your immediate family members, mother, husband, aunts. Alternatively, you may hire a housekeeper to take care of your household responsibilities while you take care of your child. Asking for help is normal and is a necessity after giving birth.


Taking good care of their children is a priority for parents. And to do that, you need to take care of yourself too.

Great Ways To Support Her During Pregnancy – Part 1


A woman carries a baby in her womb for nine months. She suffers through morning sickness, weight gain, sleeping position struggles, and frequent restroom trips. From what Dr. Dawn Kingston said, “Plus, depression and anxiety can range from mild to severe. At low levels, they can look a lot like a mood swing.

In other words, being pregnant can be a hassle, and as a partner, she needs all the support and understanding she can get. Since you are the co-creator of the baby, it is essential to give her everything she possibly needs and keep her as comfortable as possible.

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Anxiety In Fatherhood And How To Cope With It


The significance of mothers in parenting has been prioritized from the very beginning, but it is rarely realized that the role of the father is just as significant. Now fathers are not only encouraged to take part in parenting, they want to be a part of their children’s life as well. However, taking care of a child is no easy task, and the struggle increases the more children you have. While mothers may become emotionally distressed from the pressure of it all—giving birth, breastfeeding, bathing, entertaining, putting them to sleep, changing them, etc.—fathers experience the distress of their own.

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Typical Myths About Caring For Your Newborn



When there is a new addition to the family, people, especially the elderly, have much advice on what you should and should not do. At times we have to ask ourselves are all these things true or are they myths that have been passed down from generation to generation. Here we will explore some of these myths and whether or not some of them are true.

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All Alone: How To Cope as a Single Mother


 Recent estimates indicate that more than 40 percent of the women who give birth are not married. —

Being a single parent can either be by choice or by a split between you and your spouse. No matter the circumstance, your baby should never have to feel less than a child. This means your child still needs all the love and affection he or she can get from you. To be able to do this adequately, you have to learn to adjust to the change as well as to learn how to cope with whatever it is that is going on in your life. Remember, you are not only living a life for yourself but one for your baby too. Therefore, accepting your situation is always the best way to go. We will venture into some ways that can help you cope with being a single parent. It is so much better for the child than opting for alternatives such as this institution.

There are sadly some new moms who are not able to handle the thought of the big new role soon enough. This is called post-partum depression. In some cases, it pushes the new mom into severe depression, certain types of addiction, even to the brink of suicide. There are institutions that know this all too well and provide help with addiction consequential to post-partum depression. Continue reading All Alone: How To Cope as a Single Mother