Dealing With Anxiety Before Delivering Your Baby 

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Your mind could be filled with worry during this time of waiting. You cannot fully enjoy the last days of your pregnancy because you have a long list of to-dos. You’re restless, and you can’t seem to sleep well. According to Christina Smith, LMHC, “Probably one of the biggest causes of anxiety during pregnancy is the massive change in the human body’s hormones. These changes can cause a shift in mood, automatically leading you to feel more anxious, even if nothing particularly stressful is happening.” Dr. Pamela S. Weigartz, meanwhile, said, “Anxiety disorders are a frequent occurrence in pregnancy. While some worries and anxiety are experienced by more than 50% of pregnant women, a full-blown anxiety disorder involves risk to both mother and fetus and increases the risk of postpartum depression.”

Regain some sense of calm before your delivery. Here are tips you can use before the big pop.  


Plan Ahead 

You can eliminate some of the pressure you’re feeling by mapping out your birth plan. Having a birth plan can also help ease some of the tension you’re feeling. Moreover, a birth plan can assist your doctor (or midwife) in conducting your delivery. Most likely, you won’t be able to explain yourself much when you are going through labor. 




What should your birth plan contain? You should list down all your preferred options for delivery. This list should include whether you want to have general anesthesia or not, as well as the name of your companion during delivery. Prepare well and consult your doctor while writing down your options. 


A birth plan can also be helpful to your companion. If you list down all your birthing options, your partner can expect what should happen during your delivery. It’s best to discuss the plan with your companion before your scheduled delivery. You will feel less stressed during your labor. 


Look At The Brighter Side 

During this time, you might be feeling gloomy and pessimistic. You feel that you can’t seem to get things right. You might also feel anxious because anytime now you will be undergoing a surgical procedure. If this is your first time to be confined in a hospital, you might feel more stressed. According to Dr. Rick Nauert, “At no other time in a woman’s life does she experience such massive hormonal fluctuations as during pregnancy. Research suggests that the reproductive hormones may ready a woman’s brain for the demands of motherhood — helping her becomes less rattled by stress and more attuned to her baby’s needs.”


Don’t worry! Try to look at the brighter side of things. Go for a walk outside. Eat a hearty meal. Enjoy your time alone. These activities can raise your endorphin levels and make you feel happier.  


Consult A Therapist 

If you think that your anxiety levels are going beyond your control, you can always opt to consult a therapist such as mental health professionals from Betterhelp. Intense stress is not good for you and your baby. Going through talk therapy with a specialist can relieve stress and anxiety. You can just let your heart out during therapy. There are no good or bad answers during a session. The more transparent you are, your therapist will be able to help you better.  




Expectant mothers go through a lot during pregnancy, both physically and emotionally. The physical changes during the nine months of pregnancy affect self-esteem and a mother’s general outlook.  


Also, mothers have to cope with their changing palate and the growing baby inside their womb. It’s definitely not easy. It is therefore understandable that they go through intense anxiety before delivering the baby. These tips can definitely help in easing the tension and stress of expectant mothers.