/Five Pregnancies, All With Different Experiences (Talk To A Psychiatrist Anytime You Need It)

Five Pregnancies, All With Different Experiences (Talk To A Psychiatrist Anytime You Need It)


I have five kids, and each of them was a different child-carrying experience for me. On my first-born, I was only 19, and I realized that I was pregnant in the 5th month. My menses were irregular, and all those five months, I was shedding. I didn’t know then that it was spotting and my little girl was hanging on to her dear life inside my womb. If not for a routine checkup in school, I wouldn’t know that I was with child.

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Did I have any cravings? In my recollection, there was a 2-week period during my first month where I was eating tamarind candy for breakfast. I was also susceptible and I often cried even to the littlest of things. That was crazy, I know. As for morning sickness, no. I didn’t experience that.

She was born healthy with a weight of 3.5 kilos. You can say she’s a big girl and I had a “normal” delivery. After three pushes and an epidural (I loved the feeling!), my first-born came out on the morning of March 15th and gave the loudest cry.



For my second-born, the situation was different. I understood about labor pains and so I timed myself in between contractions. I started having them on the morning of my Financial Accounting examination. Of course, I called up my teacher and told her that I might not be taking the exams. She said that I could have a special test since it was the end of the semester, and gave me a good luck wish.

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After 15 hours of mild to extreme contractions, she was out. Yes, another girl born on March 22nd at 8:20 pm. She was 3.4 kilos and a cute baby. After a month of feeding her from my breast, I dried out. I had to give her formula, and she would finish twice the normal feeding amount on a baby her age.

Morning sickness? Oh yes! I had to eat a pint of ice cream almost every single day for the first trimester. This action, I think, is the reason why I never lost weight again. But it’s okay. I have no regrets there.



I had an emergency C-section on my third child. She was premature too, and I gave birth to her at eight months. My third-born was tiny and only weighed a little over 5 pounds (I forgot the exact amount in kilos), and I kept on crying after that. It was a complication of my pregnancy and frankly speaking, the reason for that was stress. I discovered that my husband was having an affair with my secretary and that her son is my husband’s, as well. Drama-filled life, I know. Anyway, it was a horrible time for me, and I almost had a miscarriage.

The doctors said it was a cord coil. It was the reason why I had an emergency delivery. My mental health contributed to the distress of my third child, and I wouldn’t want that to happen to any of my loved ones. It was my worst pregnancy experience ever.

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On a positive note, my premature child born July 2nd recovered quickly and was of healthy weight in two months. I’m a supermom, I know. I fed her my super milk and loved her superbly, that’s why she’s alive now.

I also had to see a psychiatrist. She helped me manage my panic attacks and depression. If ever you need to speak with a person when you’re feeling down, empty, or in panic, go to a shrink immediately.



At last, I had a boy, and he was the glue to my marriage. No, I am not divorced, and yes, I chose to forgive my husband for his infidelity. Life is like that – we make choices, and we stick to it. Anyway, my boy was born almost seven pounds on October 6th. He was a darling! The nurses gushed when they handed him to me. It was a VBAC delivery or what doctors call a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean.

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He was a sucker, and my nipples had these cracks. They said boys are like that and I wouldn’t know because I had three girls before him. All throughout my pregnancy, I was decently healthy except in my 8th month when I had to take Cefalexin for my cough.



My youngest child was born on March 26th. No craving and morning sickness whatsoever. I was a strong woman who drove herself to the hospital for an emergency C-section. Why? In my 9th month, after a routine ultrasound, the doctor saw a “rent” in my uterus. “ent” means a small opening. If I push her out, we will both get poisoned and die. I had to give birth within 12 hours, and it was uncomfortable.

I was hypertensive too at that time since I gave birth at age 35. It’s not ideal at all, I’m telling you. Don’t get pregnant at that age, unless you’re physically and mentally fit. It’s not for everyone. My blood pressure was 154/90. I thought I was going to die.

So, this is my experience. This is my life. I hope you learned something from my ramblings and keep it in mind.