/Should I Give Birth Naturally Or Have A Cesarean

Should I Give Birth Naturally Or Have A Cesarean

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In the USA, home birth used to be the way babies came into the world until the 20th century when increasingly hospital births became the norm. Now less than 1% of births are not hospital births. — Darcia F. Narvaez Ph.D.

Once women find out they are pregnant, many of them start to have an opinion on the Natural Birth Caesarean section, otherwise known as C-Section debate. Some think of natural birth as a gold star being added to their track record because they would have endured pain and significant discomfort to bring their child into the world. Others have no choice because of medical complications. Some believe it is foolish to suffer through unnecessary pain especially with advance medical alternatives readily available to the average person. Does voluntarily having a C-section make you a bad mom?

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According to the leading midwives, natural birth has many benefits. Women should not be too quick to take the route of c section unless necessary. Many women believe that giving birth naturally, goes hand in hand with breastfeeding. These are all part of bonding with your baby and being a good mom.

The benefits of natural birth include less recovery time for the mother as she didn’t have surgery and she can have almost immediate contact with her child. Natural birth mothers are able to begin breastfeeding sooner than C-section moms. Also, the babies from vaginal birth receive an early dose of bacteria as they travel through their mother’s birth canal which boosts their immune system. The muscles involved in vaginal birth squeeze out the fluid found in a newborn’s lungs and reduce breathing complications after birth. With all these benefits, how can you knowingly choose to get a C-section ladies?

The truth is natural or vaginal birth does have its disadvantages as well. Some of these mothers complain of lingering pain in the area between the vagina and the anus. Another issue is involuntary urination or defecation. With that being said, C-section seems to be somewhat appealing at the moment.

No matter how much one tells you about the pain in childbirth, or what is it is “like”, or that “you just don’t know until you go through it”, a first time pregnant woman cannot truly hear them. —

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Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to choose to have a natural birth. Medical complications may interfere. Your gynecologist may see it fit to do a C-section for a healthy mom and baby. If your baby is in a breech position (upside down), if your placenta ruptured, or if you are suffering from an active outbreak of genital herpes, the doctor generally advises a C-section. Another case here! Others may be recommended to have a C-section if they’ve previously had fibroids removed.  C-section moms have the privilege of a more convenient and predictable day.

Minimizing judgement and guilt is important too, since many women feel that they have “failed” or “caved” if they accept pain-control or need a C-section—and social feedback often promotes this sense of inadequacy. — Elizabeth Aura McClintock Ph.D.

The list of cons greatly exceeds the previous list of cons for vaginal delivery moms. C-section moms typically stay in the hospital for longer periods and have a two month recovery period. Additionally, the bowel and bladder can be injured and even a blood clot formed during the operation. These moms tend to take a while before they start breastfeeding. Women are three times more likely to die during this surgery than giving natural birth. Research shows that C-section babies are more likely to be born with breathing problems at birth and during childhood such as asthma. There’s also a small risk of the baby getting nicked during the operation.

Whether you are team Natural birth or Team C-section, I hope you take the time to read the pros and cons of each delivery method. Not the effects it will have on you as a mom but the effects on your child. With both delivery options having pros and cons, the best choice you can make as a new mom is to talk with your doctor and your spouse to choose the delivery option that suits you.









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