Great Ways To Support Her During Pregnancy – Part 1


A woman carries a baby in her womb for nine months. She suffers through morning sickness, weight gain, sleeping position struggles, and frequent restroom trips. From what Dr. Dawn Kingston said, “Plus, depression and anxiety can range from mild to severe. At low levels, they can look a lot like a mood swing.

In other words, being pregnant can be a hassle, and as a partner, she needs all the support and understanding she can get. Since you are the co-creator of the baby, it is essential to give her everything she possibly needs and keep her as comfortable as possible.

Below are tips on how to support your partner during pregnancy:

Help Her Without Being Asked

Pregnant women often have mood swings. With a growing baby inside her, she can get tired quickly and as she advances towards the big day, the more limited her mobility becomes. Irritation and frustration arise. She may not say it, but she needs plenty of help. Don’t wait for her to say it. Do it voluntarily and out of love. Be sensitive to her needs.

New Her Means New You


Being pregnant also means being vulnerable (health-wise). The mother should not only be conscious of her health but for the baby as well. Amendments must be made. And so should you. As your wife gears towards a new lifestyle, support her by doing the same.

Get Informed On Pregnancy

As a father, you, too, should be well informed about pregnancy, child caring and changing diapers. Do the research. Ask your friends and family what it’s like so you can get an idea. When you are armed with knowledge, you can address situations without your partner telling you what to do.

One specific thing you can look into is your partner’s diet. According to Dr. Alexis Conason, a clinical psychologist, “It is estimated that 50-90% of women in the U.S. experience cravings for specific foods during pregnancy. Food cravings typically emerge by the end of the first trimester, peak in frequency and intensity during the second trimester, and subside as pregnancy progresses to term.”

Be There For Her

Newsflash: pregnant women get depressed easily. “Do something that will help you to feel better and the baby’s brain to develop in a fully healthy way,” Dr. Susan Heitler advised. Being there for your wife as she goes through pregnancy is sweet, especially when she needs emotional support. Be with her during prenatal checkups, yoga classes, and even those pregnant women support group sessions. Having someone by her side and being with her is more than enough help.

Tell Her She’s Beautiful


One of the factors that influence her erratic mood is that she’s changing physically. Most women get insecure about how they look when they’re pregnant. As her partner, it is your role to uplift her by telling her how beautiful she is for carrying the most beautiful gift a man could ever have.

Learn To Love Your Pillows

As the baby bump grows, more and more pillows will be needed. These pillows will keep her comfortable with her very limited positions at night. (Note that as the pregnancy progresses she will grow bigger and body aches will hit.) These pillows will be her refuge during this time. Therefore, learn to accommodate the pillows in your bed.

Run Her A Bath

Physically, pregnant women can get easily exhausted. Carrying a baby is never easy, so do whatever you can just to make her relax and comfortable as possible. One of the ways to soothe her body is setting her up for a bath. You can make it extra special by lighting up relaxation candles, oils, and scents.

I’m not too keen on writing long blog posts, but I still plan on posting another segment in continuation to this. This is because as a woman, I firmly believe that support from loved ones, especially from a significant other, is a big help in the process of motherhood.