/How Coronavirus Affects Birthing Plans

How Coronavirus Affects Birthing Plans

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I cannot express how excited I am for my wife to give birth. It is not our first time to welcome a baby in our family; in truth, it is already the third time. However, each child is always unique in their own way, and I’d love more than anything to meet our new baby girl.

As for the birthing plan, my wife has decided to keep it traditional. Meaning, we will follow the same process that we used for our first two kids. When her contractions come, I will drive my wife to the hospital, let the nurses give her an epidural, and hold her hand the entire time. She has never needed to get a caesarian section, so we don’t have to book an operating room.

However, sometime in March, the news about the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. Our illusion that the virus had not reached the United States yet got shattered. Worse, the highest number of infected individuals were in New York, where we live.

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When the quarantine order was issued around the same time, my wife and I tried to think positively. She said, “My due date is still in June. Perhaps the coronavirus will be dead by then.”

I hope and pray for that to happen, but it seems like fate has other plans for the world. Many government officials want to lift the quarantine soon, even though there is no solution for the outbreak yet. This fact affects our birthing plans in various ways.

It Is Scary To Give Birth At The Hospital

When someone tests positive for COVID-19, it’s not as if they get prescription drugs and go home. Instead, they need to stay at the hospital for two to four weeks, sometimes more. That’s the only way for them to avoid spreading the virus to other people.

While it is a smart technique, it also makes it scary to give birth at the hospital. We trust the nurses and doctors to follow the safety protocols, but the coronavirus does not live by any rule. Thus, it can enter anyone’s body and make life challenging.

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Even If The Hospital Admits The Expectant Mother, The Husband Can’t Be With Her

I have always stayed on my wife’s side during the birth of our first two children. Unfortunately, the new rule is that the hospital can only let the expectant mother in and nobody else. I can drop her off at the door, but then I need to leave after that.

It is another thorn in our birthing plan, yes. Of course, no wife wants to give birth without her husband in the same room.

We Need To Consider Other Birthing Methods

As mentioned above, our first and only birthing choice for years is going to the hospital and letting the doctors do their job. However, with the pandemic still going on, it seems to be the least appealing option. It forces us to make new plans when my wife is very close to her due date.

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Upon consulting the OB-GYNE, she said that we could try a water birth. We won’t need to leave the house; my wife could deliver our baby in the tub. Her pregnancy was not at high risk, so the doctor might be able to coach us from a distance. Though the idea was unconventional for us, we thought it was the best choice considering the circumstances.

Final Thoughts

The coronavirus outbreak had pushed all of us to think outside the box to accomplish similar goals. In my family’s case, we need to choose between letting my wife give birth without me or doing the water birth at home. It will be an understatement to say that this pandemic has genuinely cramped our birthing plan. Despite that, it has not dampened our excitement to meet the newest member of our brood, which can happen anytime this week.