/How to Prepare For Your Newborn

How to Prepare For Your Newborn

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Somehow in our society, we have set the bar so high for what a mother should look like, we have lost touch with what is really important—that of being a “good-enough” mom. — Andrea Schneider, LCSW

From the moment you found out you were pregnant to the day of your delivery, many questions swirl around your head, especially if it is your first pregnancy. Question like, “Will I be a good mom?” may arise. The first instance of being a good mom is planning and preparing well for your baby. Let’s get something very clear, no two persons are the same, thus, we all prepare for our children in different ways. But certain things are just common nature for all, when in anticipating for your child.

  1. Buying the necessities

You have to stock up on things you know both you and your baby will need. These will include diapers, crib, bassinets, clothing, bottles, baby wipes, nursing bras, sanitary napkins, and nightgowns. One thing you must be sure not to do is to go overboard when shopping for the newborn clothing and diapers. Buy things in variations, from 0-6 months. Babies grow fast and will quickly out-grow the newborn clothing. Thus, shopping light will make you save money. Don’t forget to purchase maternity clothes for yourself. You will get larger, and so you need clothes that have enough breathing room that will not stifle your baby bump.

  1. Read Up

It is an excellent idea for you to read baby books, as well as get expert advice from more seasoned mothers. For those who have had a child before, you know what to expect already; but for new mothers, knowing what to expect when you’re expecting eases you through the process of your pregnancy, to the delivery, and to handling your newborn.

Reading can help lift your mood and spirits and make you feel a lot better. If you want your mindset to switch from negative to positive, reading motivational books can be highly beneficial. — Jacqueline Pearce, MSEd, LMHC

  1. Visit Your OB

This is one of the first things you do in preparing for your child. You need to know what is happening in your body to limit as much as possible the risks of anything going wrong with your baby and yourself. Along with visiting your obstetrician ensure that you eat right and get enough rest. We all know that once the baby comes, your sleep may be limited. So, it’s best to get enough in preparation for those sleepless nights. This also means stop going to work if it is getting too hectic for you, especially if you work with harmful chemicals. Ladies, your baby comes first.

  1. Get your home ready
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Getting your home ready means preparing a room for the new addition to your family. For the persons who cannot or do not want to have a separate room for your baby, you should set aside a section of your room where the baby’s crib and other baby necessities are kept. Another way of getting your home ready is to ensure that you baby proof your home. This means to put away all harmful substances, as well as to have protective coverings over all electrical sockets and plugs. It’s best you do all necessary cleaning before the baby comes. Doing this will allow you to focus on your newborn and still have a clean house, which will also be rewarding towards the health of your baby.

  1. Must Do’s

Ensure that you pack your baby bag while things are moving slow and not hectic. It is definitely not wise for you to do this last minute as the baby can actually come before the due date. So it is best for you to be ready. It is also good for both you and your spouse to decide on the name for your baby. One more thing to ensure that you have beforehand is a baby’s car seat for your child. You want to ensure that at all times your baby is safe, even when you go for a drive with your child.

I finally took a few deep breaths and thought about how my advice to others would be to embrace the silence and seize the opportunity to do something self-care related. — Megan MacCutcheon, LPC

Source: pexel.com

These may not be all the preparations that you need but will help you out a whole lot when preparing for your child. Of course, every parent has their little twist on their preparations. All I can advise is that you prepare and prepare well for your child.