/I Remember Everything About My Baby’s Birth – Part 1

I Remember Everything About My Baby’s Birth – Part 1

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When I was young, I asked my mother the specific details on how I was born. To my disappointment, she told me that she doesn’t remember much, only that her stomach was firm and that it hurt a lot. Her labor of twenty hours on me was summed up in one sentence. It was sad – I thought then that my mom didn’t love me that much because she forgot how I came into this world. (Of course, that wasn’t true, but at ten years old, that’s what you would think.)

Anyway, because of that, I vowed to myself that I would remember the day when my child will be born and everything that will happen during that time. What luck, I suppose! In my twenty years of marriage, I have had five children – and believe me, I remember how I felt, what little details happened, and the things that went through before, during, and after my delivery. (I have to make it short, though!)

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First Born – Belinda

My water broke noon of March 14, 1999. I was rushed to the hospital only to find out six hours after the “trickle,” I was still two centimeters dilated. Of course, I was scared since it was my first time to get pregnant and to give birth too. And then, I find out that I had to be induced because my labor is not progressing. It made everything scarier for me. I whispered to Beelee, “Hey, girl. Don’t give me a hard time.” Oh, but she did, up until now that she’s an adult – she is a pain in the butt! It’s so lucky of her that my love is unconditional.

And so, the doctor put something in me (a tablet for the vagina to help with my labor) and told me to sleep. That was around nine in the evening.

At about 4 o’clock in the early morning, I woke up because I wanted to poop. But it wasn’t pooped that I was feeling. The baby was pushing down, and my labor was progressing thanks to the tablet that was inserted hours before. At that time, my cervix dilated to six centimeters, but it wasn’t big enough for Beelee Girl to come out. And so for four hours, I experienced terrible goosebumps, severe stomach ache and excruciating cramps, super painful backache, and a feeling of heaviness down there as the baby was pushing down – the pain was unbelievable.

But at precisely 8:23 AM of March 15, 1999, Belinda came out of me through normal delivery – 7 pounds and 11 ounces. When I heard her voice as she gave out a cry, I was so overwhelmed, and tears rolled down my cheeks. When I opened my eyes, six hours after that, I was already in the room, and Beelee Girl was in her father’s arms. All I said was “Thank you, God, for keeping both of us safe,” and then I fell asleep again.

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Second Born – Carlinda

I was still in the university, finishing up my Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy when I got pregnant with Carlinda. They told me that being pregnant while in school will make the baby smart and intelligent. I think that they are right because Carly is in the upper 10% of her graduating class this year. I am so proud of her!

Anyway, I will have to continue my story about Carlinda’s birth moment on my next blog. Hope to “see” you next week for Part 2 of “I Remember Everything About My Baby’s Birth.”