/I Remember Everything About My Baby’s Birth – Part 3

I Remember Everything About My Baby’s Birth – Part 3

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This is a continuation of my personal story about giving birth to my beautiful children. To understand the flow of the blogs, please read Part 1 first, and then, Part 2 before you move on to this blog. Thanks!

Anyway, we are moving on.

Third Born – Melinda

From the previous blog, I was talking about my birth experience with Melinda. We had to do a Caesarean section delivery at that time because of her cord coil, but Melly was only eight months. And so, the situation was even more worrisome.

What my OB-gyne didn’t know what that I could see everything from above. The lights had a mirror, and from there, I could see them using the scalpel on me, Melinda coming out, my internal organs dancing within me, and the doctor repairing my stomach. Yes, morbid, but I laugh at it now. When it was all over, I told them that I could see everything. They were stunned! (Now, isn’t this something!?)

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I was worried about Melinda because she only weighed five pounds and was birthed at eight months. What if she won’t make it? She’s so tiny, and tubes were stuck in her. That was the thought running through my head over and over again. They said that babies born prematurely if they don’t go to heaven after their birth, they will have so many health issues. I cried day and night as I watched Melinda inside the incubator.


But Melly was a fighter and a survivor. Last year, her left ovary was taken out due to a cyst. She was only twelve years old, and she made it through. If premature birth didn’t stop this daughter of mine, nothing would, and that made me believe that she can move past challenges in life, even the major ones.

My daughter is now thirteen years old, alive and well – thank you, my Creator!


Fourth Born – Bradylinda

I know, I know. All my children have Linda in their names. That’s because my name is Linda, and so even if my fourth child is a boy, there will still be a “Linda” somewhere in his first name.

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He was supposed to come out October 10, 2010, but Brady came early at October 6, 2010 – 8:00 in the morning. There were no women anesthesiologists at that time, and I had to consent to a male one because my boy was about to bolt out. I wrote the entire night before I gave birth to Brady (I was a travel writer back then), and again, I didn’t feel any pain. At about 3 am on the 6th of October, my labor began.

I remember that his dad had a headache because he was drunk the night before at a cousin’s birthday party. And so, to avoid any DUI issues, I was the one who drove the car going to the hospital! I know, that’s me!

There were no complications with Brady and no other unique stories to tell except that with my only boy, who weighed 8 pounds and 3 ounces, I was that independent – driving myself to the hospital as my labor were 20 minutes apart. He was delivered through VBAC, as the doctors termed it, or Vaginal Birth After Caesarean.

The last part of “I Remember Everything About My Baby’s Birth” will come out next week! Watch out for it!