/I Remember Everything About My Baby’s Birth – Part 4

I Remember Everything About My Baby’s Birth – Part 4


This is the last part of a four-part series about “I Remember Everything About My Baby’s Birth.” From Part 1 to Part 4, I have discussed my experiences (and memories) on giving birth to my five children. If you haven’t read Part 1 to 3, for entertainment and some bit of knowledge sake, please read them first.

Anyway, I will talk about my youngest child now, and how everything came about with her.

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Fifth Child – Arlinda

Yes, I had another daughter – one boy and four girls. Arlinda was given to me by my Creator on March 26, 2016. She is now four years old. It wasn’t a difficult pregnancy, but because of my age, my OB-gyne told me to more than a regular check-up. I was 38 at that time.

It was a bit embarrassing to be “old” and walking around with a big tummy. I had to suck it up when people looked at me with their weird expressions. Some would laugh; others would show their concern. I wasn’t a pretty pregnant lady – too obese, big nose, humongous feet, and yucky skin. Arlinda sucked away all my beauty, and I gave it all to her.

She was a CS baby and delivered 7:30 in the evening. After my regular check-up, my OB-gyne gave me a request to have an ultrasound. The OB-gyne sonologist found out that my uterus has rent (rent means a bit of opening, where it’s not supposed to be there). She called up my OB-gyne and told her of my diagnosis. Of course, it was an emergency delivery with Arlie.

The nurse in the waiting room was going back and forth to my husband and me. I wanted to have my tubes cut because, My God! Arlie was my fifth child, and I’m already 38! He didn’t want to sign me up for it, but I had already done, and so, the doctor did a tubal ligation procedure on me. My health comes first, you know.

Arlie was an adorable baby. When she came out, she gave this thunderous cry and now, I know why. This little girl is a firecracker!

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My stories might bore you since it’s mine, and not yours, but if I hear something like this from other people, I listen intently. Birth stories are fun to understand, and there might be a thing or two to learn from with their experiences. I think it’s partly how I made it through my five deliveries – listening to other mommies tell me how they made it.

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Giving birth is scary, I’d say that because you might think of many things like complications and other birthing or baby issues. The best thing you can do to eliminate that fear is a regular doctor’s check-up. And of course, listen to your body. Be extra sensitive. Even if for a little bit, if you feel something off, go to the hospital immediately. It is better to be “over dramatic” when it comes to your pregnancy and delivery than to regret why you didn’t go to your doctor straight away when you felt something different. Also, and most importantly, I survived everything through prayer. My creator gave me strength and an able body to give birth to five kids without a significant health issue.

I hope with my stories; you learned something valuable. Don’t hesitate to drop a message if you want to ask something from me. I will try to answer as soon as I can. Good luck!