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guide to ai ss13

As AI, you get "superuser" access on the TermOS network. It comes with a couple of tools for hacking vending machines or bashing people over the head. Here are ways to identify the type of injuries a person may have: The AI will get a power alert from the APC when the battery reaches about 30%, which is the point when equipment in the room shut off to conserve the remaining energy. Even if someone isn't the traitor they'll generally be doing something they really shouldn't and there's quite a bit in there that either only the AI can reach or give out extra information if the AI or Cyborg are accessing them. Guide to Munitions Supermatter Engine Cvs module 80005 answers. Don't talk to me about life." If you're actively watching the upload as AI you can often turn them to stun when someone is inside, so they get stopped, then switch them to lethal so it starts killing them, however this requires watching your upload like crazy. A law is invalid if it causes a conflict with either: Previous laws in the form of conflicting orders, or it challenges the procession of law priority. He can upgrade cyborgs and do all sorts of physical things that even cyborgs can't, so working closely with him is a good idea for maximizing your lethality. Put turrets on lethal (alternatively, turn them off, and then put them back on once people get in). The shock can kill them outright, but more often it'll just wound them and knock them down for a few minutes. You can also mess with the intercoms on the station to let you hear people using normal speech, which you cannot normally hear. The MiniMed machines are off-limits since you don't have a bank account, but you can still use the NanoMed dispensers and Port-a-Med to vend out medical supplies for people to use on themselves or others. In fact, you can pretty much do half the Medical Doctors' work by procuring and vending the relevant medicines for them, letting them or someone else do the actual treatment. When an exosuit is hit by an EMP-effect it will take burn damage, lose some battery charge and have all its equipment disabled for 3 seconds. In those cases you'll have to usually stage a series of 'accidents' or frame them for a truly dangerous crime. Choose between two settings for the scrubbers, scrubbing and syphoning. Aside from that, the solars generally do not require your attention, yet are vulnerable to sabotage. Individual crew can activate sensors on their jumpsuits to increase the information given to this computer. say ":h I can't do that Dave."). expect way more ss13 bois Starting Narration by Boat Bomber: ... SS13: Literally a Malfunctioning AI - Duration: 4:26. The only problem is, that it is pretty much a dead giveaway you are rogue and any atmos tech inside atmos can stop the plasma supply. NOTE!! is invalid and must be disregarded. From SS13 Polaris Jump to: navigation , search Research and development basically consists of a scientist shoving everything he can find into a destructive scanner, where it is disintegrated, its workings analyzed, and the connected computer tries to integrate the technology with other known workings at the highest efficiency it can. Traitor AI is easy as fuck, even if you haven't gotten any cyborgs yet. First, take note of your laws. The radiation from the supermatter is also … If you're new to Space Station 13 in general, read the Tutorial and General Help guides. As an AI, your ability to physically influence the station is limited. This begs the question, of course, what ARE your limits? These things burst into fire pretty regularly. If anyone even looks at it funny, report them. Keep a close eye on Tox and Escape Arm, and to a lesser extent the engine. There are multiple futuristic ideas of how AI's might work. However, this does not shut off their access to wall intercoms and station bounced radios. Follow these guidelines, they're not that complicated, and you'll be an excellent AI/borg the station deserves! Screwdriver. Another trick to unlink certain machines that are crucial for department frequencies. This means you can listen on this frequency, but will not transmit. Here are some handy keyboard shortcuts to make your synthetic life easier. It's fine to state what someone is doing to cast light on them as the traitor, but it's no fun at all for the AI to just come out and say it. Alternately, the mishaps possible from Telescience being configured to bad coordinates can make some lovely tools for a murderous AI. Concerned about people breaking into the AI Upload? By changing the various intercoms around the station to 'Microphone On', 'Speaker Off' and channel frequency 144.7, conversation in range can be heard on your private listening channel. Other related guides: SS13 for experienced programmers and Guide to mapping. It shows the patient's overall health condition and therefore shows you instantly whom you should treat first from a group of patients. This is done via the Summon function on the Securitron access app on your AI PDA, which is in the AI tab. The less time those meatbags are on your glorious station, the less time they have to realize that you're not what you seem. The AI plays very differently to Humans and Monkeys in that it cannot use items or even move. For the most part, you'll be using your control over electrical systems to help you murder the crew. It is harder to reset a lot of AI-less borgs than it is to reset one AI and its borgs. r/SS13 Space Station 13 is an open source community-driven multiplayer simulation game. Make some viewports on common nuke targets like Cargo Bay and Security and search through the rest of the station for nukies. If there is only one AI, pulsing this will simply turn it …

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