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EXHIBITION. The length of each loan will be determined, in part, by the nature of the object in question. Edo culture, Nigeria, ancient kingdom of Benin, about 1600. Questions have been raised as to the nature of the artworks to be displayed at the museum. The Louvre Abu Dhabi is the result of an unprecedented initiative that laid the groundwork for a new type of cultural collaboration of unparalleled scope between two countries, centered on the creation of a national institution.Born out of an intergovernmental agreement signed on March 6, 2007, between the United Arab Emirates and France, the Louvre Abu Dhabi is the first universal museum in the Arab world. July 19, 2017 . The statue is among the earliest large-scale representations of the human form. You can use the same email id to access both our sites. This publication provides insight into the essence of Louvre Abu Dhabi: it's work of art. Explore. Art Lounge at the Louvre Abu Dhabi If there was one thing I thought was missing from the Louvre Abu Dhabi, it was a good bar. Weiterhin bekommt man dort vier Wechselausstellungen im Jahr zu sehen. He is credited for having developed a new form of abstraction called neo-plasticism where he limited himself to lines and basic primary colours. The Department of Paintings research center was established in 1936 as a place for the conservation and consultation of research and studies on the Louvre's paintings: publications, notes, manuscripts, photographs, etc. The collection is overseen by twelve curators, who are among the most renowned experts in … Al Hudayriat beach Abu Dhabi. Standing beneath the starship-like, 180m-diameter latticework dome of the Louvre Abu Dhabi, with the sunlight filtering in and casting dappled patterns on the floor, is to be transported to another world. Louvre Abu Dhabi presents the olfactory art installation USO - The Perfumed Cloud (USO = Unidentified Scented Object) from 30 October to 8 November and 23 November to 30 January. Share 20. UPDATE: Louvre Abu Dhabi: UAE has bought Da Vinci's Salvator Mundi . Mondrian’s interest lay in the abstract quality of the line. In this one, learning and contemplation are highlighted amidst understated Oriental fabrics. Also lohnt sich dort immer ein Besuch und man wird … Tweet 2. Explore Louvre Abu Dhabi art works at home. Portraiture assumed the status of a definite modern genre following the growing importance of the individual in the 18th century. Painted paper, gouache and ink on cardboard, Inspired by African and Iberian art movements, Picasso contributed to a number of art movements particularly cubism, surrealism and expressionism. They apply without amendment or restriction to all products and services made available from time to time by the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Not only was it the first loan to be announced by the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority, Agence France-Muséums and the Musée du Louvre, but it will also be the first time that La Belle Ferronnière has left Europe and the first time a painting by Leonardo will be exhibited in the Middle East. Get access to galleries and exhibitions alongside your Yoga session at the Louvre. Collectively, in dialogue with each other, they recount our shared human history. The first is the prospect of lending works for money, as the Louvre—which lends some 2,500 artworks a year for free—is starting to do with the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Its size (180 meters in diameter) and the relationships it establishes with the spaces below (which constitute a neighborhood) rewrite any concept of space with a domed roof. Artists no longer simply recorded the status of their sitters but wished to depict real emotions. This painting is also known as Portrait of an Unknown Woman. Van Gogh is said to have painted over 30 self-portraits – perhaps the most prolific self-portraitist ever. However, there are some areas where flash photography is not permitted. January 24, 2014. You may also like: Hatta: Visit the mountainous region this winter. This video is about Louvre abu dhabi -Must watch The Louvre Abu Dhabi is an art and civilization museum, located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Another famous quote: ‘Painting is not made to decorate apartments. A Vincent van Gogh and the first work by Leonardo da Vinci to be shown in the Middle East will be on display. Don’t rush through the galleries. ART CLUB. As he said: ‘Art is higher than reality and has no direct relation to reality.’, Osman Hamdy Bey, Istanbul, Turkey, 1878, oil on canvas. ✱ A free audio tour is offered in Arabic, English, Hindi, Japanese, French, German, Korean, Russian and Chinese. During this time, the Abu Dhabi museum can borrow artworks from the Louvre and other prestigious state museums in France. Ai Weiwei, Germany and China, 2016, steel and glass crystals. We use cookies to ensure a better browsing experience. 450m salvator mundi painting on display at louvre abu dhabi from september 18 arts culture gulf news the top nine exhibits to check out at louvre abu dhabi arab news Édouard ma photos the louvre abu dhabi zimbio leonardo da vinci s 450 million masterpiece he to abu dhabi cnn style mr bean finds a place at the louvre abu dhabi zawya mena edition . Japanese prints fascinated painters to the extent that some altered the manner in which they painted. The museum is closed on Mondays. © Al Nisr Publishing LLC 2020. The Leonardo loan, which is expected be on display at the Louvre Abu Dhabi for 12 months, involves several notable firsts. The Musee du Louvre show opens in October 2019, and when it closes in February 2020, the painting will return on a permanent basis to Louvre Abu Dhabi. The Japanese aesthetic, which inspired a new range of floral and refined forms, influenced the design of interior decoration as well as everyday objects. When the Louvre Abu Dhabi opens in November, it will do so with displays that boast some of the most famous names in the annals of art history: van Gogh and Gaugin, Manet and Monet, Picasso and da Vinci, at least for a while. The invention of photography in the 19th century revolutionised the world of art and science. Piet Mondrian, France, 1922, oil on canvas. Each focuses on themes that reveal common connections throughout history. Louvre Abu Dhabi brings the museum to you by telling stories about the art works on loans from our partners and from our collection through video, audio and activities that can be downloaded for children Don’t forget to follow us on social media to stay updated @LouvreAbuDhabi. On a throne inscribed with his name, Ramses II sits in the conventional position that indicates his role as a pharaoh. Pause in the main plaza to gaze at architect Jean Nouvel’s creation. Message from Museum Director Learn More. Earphones in and watch it in 720p for the best viewing experience! This bronze piece is one of the most important Islamic works of art from the Mediterranean region. It shows Christ with a beard and long dark hair. This one can be rotated around its vertical axis. Translated and circulated in Europe in the 15th century, his discoveries were fundamental to the development of modern science. This plaster statue dating to around 6,500 BCE was discovered in Ain Ghazal, Jordan, and is said to be one of the oldest known to mankind. Furusiyya: The Art of Chivalry between East and West . The Louvre Abu Dhabi is banking on the theory that pointing out links among a wide variety of cultures will make all art feel more approachable to the global audience it hopes to attract. The Louvre Abu Dhabi recently acquired a painting by the famous Dutch artist Rembrandt, “Tête de jeune homme, avec les mains jointes: étude de la figure de Christ”.A rare 17th century oil sketch from a series of sketches entitled “The Face of Jesus”. A reference also to the tower of Babel, the work questions the notions of diversity and what is shared in our contemporary globalised world. Louvre Abu Dhabi is a universal museum on a mission to create human connections through art, dating from prehistory to the present. Salted paper print from a calotype (a photographic process Talbot introduced in 1841 using paper coated with silver iodide). Officials made the major announcement on Wednesday, after a much-anticipated wait of the artwork's unveiling by art lovers and those who appreciate the works by the master painter and genius, Leonardo da Vinci. The Louvre Abu Dhabi has now opened to the public, with over 600 pieces of art on display. The idea is to obtain several permanent works of art for the Louvre Abu Dhabi over time but to showcase artwork from around the world on loan in the meantime. The approach has the museum’s curatorial team constantly looking to the future. Japonism reached its peak in Europe in the 1880s following the opening up of Japan to free trade and the country’s participation in world fairs. Explore. Im Louvre Abu Dhabi gibt es 23 Galerien und wechselnde Ausstellungen für die Besucher. The Louvre Abu Dhabi aims to tell a universal story of human creativity. Loyrette." 26 Shares. The symbolism of Islamic culture, the traveller and the exotic are reflected amply in this opulent work by Osman. The Louvre Abu Dhabi is an art and civilization museum, located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.The museum is located on the Saadiyat Island Cultural District.It is approximately 24,000 square metres (260,000 sq ft) in size, with 8,000 square metres (86,000 sq ft) of galleries, making it the largest art museum in the Arabian peninsula. Practical information. The United Arab Emirates is a small and young country, which nevertheless has rapidly become one of the most important business and tourist destinations in the Middle East and Asia in general. All rights reserved, Don’t have a lot of time but don’t want to miss the Louvre Abu Dhabi? Showcasing the art of the greatest world civilizations, from early history to the contemporary scene, the selected works highlight the universal scope of the new museum, scheduled to open in December 2015. At Louvre Abu Dhabi, for instance, an X-Ray Fluorescence, XRF, spectrometer has been used to detect and identify most of the chemical elements that lie on the painting’s surface. The most delicate and sensitive works will not only be displayed in the museum’s light, temperature and humidity-controlled Bronze Galleries, but they will only be loaned for a few months at a time. Online Activities. Palimpsest page of a Quran in Hijazi script. These are just some of the paintings and sculptures found in the Louvre. Why I will always remember the Louvre Abu Dhabi I saw first, French ambassador posts pictures from the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Making A Masterpiece: The inside story of the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Flip. North Africa 1726-1727, cast brass, silver nails. People began to be objects of observation as demonstrated by the importance given to portraiture. Rembrandt, Vermeer & the Dutch Golden Age For the first time in the Middle-East, 16 remarkable paintings by Rembrandt van Rijn, as well as rare pieces by Johannes Vermeer, Jan Lievens and Carel Fabritius were shown in this extraordinary exhibition of more than 90 works from the Dutch Golden Age of the 17th century. Vincent van Gogh, France, 1887, oil on canvas. Courtesy Musée national des chateaux de Versailles et de Trianon Head of Christ is a circa 1648 painting by Rembrandt or his workshop. The Design Development phases followed in 2007 to 2012 and the construction of the museum from 2013 to 2017. It reflects the theme of portraying what’s universal among the peoples of the world. An intricately carved piece of ivory, the cellar is divided into two parts – for salt and pepper. To safeguard these during your visit, we are committed to keeping up-to-date with and following the very latest scientific advice and best practice while monitoring and adjusting our working processes accordingly. Works of art that will eventually be on show at the Louvre Abu Dhabi are to go on display in the capital until early July. Louvre Abu Dhabi features as Paris museum auctions one-off experiences One winning bid will be entertained to a virtual journey through the Louvre in Paris, Lens and Abu Dhabi … Check with security so that you are not gently warned. Twice daily yoga sessions under the dome at Louvre Abu Dhabi will help you calm your mind and find inner peace. So here are the six pieces that you really should make a point of seeing during your visit. Louvre Abu Dhabi: Birth of a collection. Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece Salvator Mundi (Saviour of the World) which was recently acquired by Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism, is not yet on display at Louvre Abu Dhabi. You may also like . Find out more on the Louvre Abu Dhabi website. The Louvre Abu Dhabi . It is of immense importance for navigation on the high seas. Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, this morning marked the beginning of the construction of the project on Saadiyat Island. Wishing to make their country a top cultural destination, internationally recognized for art, education, and culture, the leaders of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi launched the development of this major, universal art museum, which opened its doors on November 11, 2017. The Louvre Abu Dhabi, designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel and the engineering firm of Buro Happold, occupy 24,000 square metres (260,000 sq ft) and is covered by an iconic metallic roof designed to cast rays of light mimicking sunlight passing through date palm fronds in an oasis. Some experts believe Ahmad Ibn Majid, a navigator and cartographer, was born in Ras Al Khaimah in the 1400s. Louvre Abu Dhabi: The Arab Region's Biggest Art Spectacle With its grand opening on November 11 th and a week-long celebration to follow, the Louvre Abu Dhabi is the result of a spectacular collaboration between the UAE and France to create the first museum of its kind in the entire Arab world. Some of the mystery surrounding the most expensive painting sold at auction was solved Wednesday when it emerged that Leonardo da Vinci's Salvator Mundi is to be displayed at Louvre Abu Dhabi. Officials made the major announcement on Wednesday, after a much-anticipated wait of the artwork's unveiling by art lovers and those who appreciate the works by the master painter and genius, Leonardo da Vinci. The museum brings t… DCT Abu Dhabi / Agence PhotoF / … Welcome to Friday! Download this stock image: Louvre Abu Dhabi, painting of Napoleon Bonaparte Crossing the Alps on 20 May 1800 by Jacques-Louis David - PNCHW2 from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. Experts say that some elements in the piece – the tube in its mouth, the opening in its belly and hollow body – suggest that the lion could once produce a roaring sound when air was pumped through it. Birth of a Museum offers a preview of the collection of Louvre Abu Dhabi, including a Bactrian "Princess" statuette, ... paintings by Jordaens, Caillebotte, Manet, Gauguin, and Magritte, a Picasso paper collage never before seen in public, and nine canvases by the recently deceased American painter Cy Twombly. Hungry? From the Arabian peninsula, Medina about 600-700. The centuries old painting, entitled “Head of a young man, with clasped hands: Study of the figure of Christ”, belongs to a series of oil sketches known as Rembrandt’s “Face of Jesus” group. Explore. Special focus will be placed to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western art. Taking along a pullover won’t be a bad idea – some areas of the museum are particularly cold. It is in the collection of the Louvre Abu Dhabi.. This work is also interesting because it reveals a renewed interest in the thinking of antiquity that placed man at the centre of all things in Rennaisance Europe. Artworks are chosen for the relevance of their individual narrative as well as their complimentary capacity to integrate into our existing collection. Widely regarded as one of the pioneers of modern art in Africa, Ibrahim frequently draws on childhood memories and visions experienced durng meditation for inspiration. Here, the artist has included extensive open spaces in his work, influenced by Japanese art works of the time. LOUVRE ABU DHABI ART CLUB Explore. Abu Dhabi, Art Lounge, Art Lounge Abu Dhabi, Art Lounge Louvre Abu Dhabi, Louvre Museum Bar, Reviews, Things to do in Abu Dhabi. Explore. “I think it’s very important to see one of the most beautiful portraits of the Renaissance because portraits are very important in the story of European art and they pose important aesthetic, political and social questions about their time.”. Take in the details of the alcoves, which hide a wealth of riches, as I did when I visited the Louvre over two days to create this taster guide to (and incentive to explore) the museum’s wonderful diversity. ✱ While you can take along water bottles, food is not allowed inside the galleries. After studying painting and calligraphy at the Slade School of Art, London, Ibrahim returned to Sudan where he combined western, Arab and African influences which he mixed with Sudanese subjects to explore his multifaceted culture. The Louvre Abu Dhabi is free for those below 13, and for the disabled accompanied by one companion. An elaborate chronological table engraved with perpetual calendars for the Julian and Hijra eras are also visible. As a mindful museum, our first and ongoing priority is a non-negotiable commitment to your comfort, safety and health. The man in the photograph is said to have stayed in that position for 15 minutes – the time it took to expose the film. An example where the influence of Japanese art, called Japonism, is clearly evident. The page, from one of the oldest Qurans ever found, is preserved in a darkened room and is close to a Gothic Bible, Buddhist sutras and a Torah from Yemen. Within the galleries, the pieces, many on loan from the Paris mothership, create a tapestry that spans the history of humanity, while reflecting the Louvre Abu Dhabi’s theme of portraying man’s universality. Post navigation. The Concept Design phase for the Louvre Abu Dhabi project took place between 2006 and 2007. The Louvre Abu Dhabi has indefinitely postponed the unveiling of Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi, the world’s most expensive painting, which has been the … “We are not working on totally permanent galleries, they are semi-permanent galleries where the changes will be important year-on-year [and] this mobility, this flexibility, this volatility is a key element of the identity of Louvre Abu Dhabi.”. Collections & departments Department of Paintings. There was so much more! More robust works, such as Vincent van Gogh’s self-portrait from 1887, which is being loaned from the Réunion des musées nationaux – Grand Palais, are expected to be on display at the Louvre Abu Dhabi for around a year while more substantial works, such as Balthasar and Gaspard Marsy’s Horses of the Sun, an enormous 17th century equestrian statue that currently resides in the royal stables at the Palace of Versailles, will stay for longer. This optical treatise – part of a seven-volume collection – developed new experimental methods from the theories of the ancient Greeks. Without doubt, it is the perfect repository for the recently opened museum’s over 600 pieces of historical, artistic and cultural importance that showcase the diversity of humankind. Louvre Abu Dhabi, dubbed “a universal museum in the Arab World,” was met with raised eyebrows—various news reports pegged the total fees paid to the Louvre in Paris at about $1 billion. MESSAGE FROM MUSEUM DIRECTOR Explore. Â, Leonardo da Vinci, Italy, Milan, 1495-1499. When the Louvre Abu Dhabi opens in November, it will do so with displays that boast some of the most famous names in the annals of art history: van Gogh and Gaugin, Manet and Monet, Picasso and da Vinci, at least for a while. Here’s a list of unmissable pieces, This website stores cookies on your computer. Sporting the royal nemes – a striped head cloth – with a cobra (broken here), he also wears a false beard, an attribute of the gods. LOUVRE ABU DHABI ART CLUB. Mathematician, physicist, astronomer and author: Ibn Al Haytham, who was born in Basra but spent a large part of his life in Cairo, was one of the most important luminaries of his times. You are a registered user of getthat.com, our partner site. The Museum Galleries consists of 12 inspiring chapters with over 600 masterpieces. ✱ Admissions: Dh60 for 22 and above; Dh30 for those between the ages of 13 and 22. ✱ The children’s museum offers plenty of hands-on activity and workshops. In many museums, you would not be able to get as up close to a Da Vinci as you would at the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Credited with several important maps and treatises, this treatise details intricacies of travel in the Indian Ocean. Art aficionados, rejoice: The Louvre Abu Dhabi has acquired a rare oil sketch by renowned Dutch master, Rembrandt van Rijn that dates back to the 17th century. Through over 130 rare artworks from the 10th to the beginning of the 16th centuries, including spectacular arms, armour, and rare manuscripts, discover how some of these practices and the knightly spirit became a past time, and how some of them continue around the world to this day. 189.5k Followers, 59 Following, 1,617 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Louvre Abu Dhabi (@louvreabudhabi) It also means that for a time, Louvre Abu Dhabi will join an elite group of five or six institutions worldwide that have two Leonardo paintings on show: the museum currently has Leonardo's La Belle Ferronniere on loan from the Musee du Louvre. Paintings . Of his five surviving portraits, four are of women. Description. Painted in white on blue, the canvas depicts an almost abstract form of musical expression that has blurred the lines between drawing and writing. As a mindful museum, we invite you to experience the restorative serenity of one of the world’s most inspiring locations. Ai is well known for his innovative design and architectural projects. Another rare piece is the Hilye from Turkey, Instanbul, a type of calligraphy that describes the attributes of the Prophet (PBUH). Much of the richness of Abu Dhabi comes from the large oi… With the addition of bronze gilt mouldings made in Paris, it its perfectly with this piece of furniture which attests to the fascination of European artists with the arts of China. May 30, 2018. AFM indicated precise environmental criteria for the gallery spaces to the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT) and Louvre Abu Dhabi. Durch die enge Zusammenarbeit mit dem Louvre in Abu Dhabi werden dort in den ersten zehn Jahren bekannte Leihgaben aus Museen in Frankreich ausgestellt. ✱ Visiting all 12 galleries and taking time to peruse all exhibits in detail will take you several hours. Louvre Abu Dhabi App. Ask Ali: Why pork is forbidden for Muslims, These are the 10 highest-paid actresses in the world according to 'Forbes', 'Batman' keeps filming in Covid hotspot Liverpool: Caped Crusader wears mask, naturally, The mysterious silver monolith in the Utah desert has disappeared. The exhibition Birth of a Museum presents exceptional works from the collection of Louvre Abu Dhabi, for the first time in Paris. The prospect of having to deal with the arrival and departure of paintings such as Leonardo da Vinci’s La Belle Ferronnière, one of only five paintings by the master in the collection of the Musée du Louvre in Paris, may be daunting from a logistical and curatorial perspective, but for Charnier, that challenge is one of the things that will define the Louvre Abu Dhabi. The opening of the Louvre Abu Dhabi on November 11 will certainly mark a monumental moment in the history of the UAE as well as the art world. Imported from China, the central lacquer panel in this commode depicts a palace scene. To find out more about the cookies and data we use, please check out our. Check with the museum staff for timings. The Department of Paintings reflects the encyclopedic scope of the Louvre, encompassing every European school from the 13th century to 1848. Two of Johannes Vermeer’s most celebrated paintings will hang next to each other for the first time in 300 years as part of a new exhibition at Louvre Abu Dhabi that celebrates the Dutch masters. Leonardo da Vinci’s $450m Salvator Mundi to go on show at Louvre Abu Dhabi on 18 September. Here’s why: Not having money to pay models to pose for portraits nor having many people commissioning him to do portraits, the artist decided to paint his own portraits, believing that portrait painting would help him develop his skills as an artist. The Perfumed Cloud. Salvator Mundi is one of fewer than 20 known surviving paintings by the Italian Renaissance master. However, according to The National: "the type and nature of the exhibits planned for the Louvre Abu Dhabi have been affected to no extent by the fact the new museum would be in a Muslim country, said Mr. There’s a cafe inside. Of these art objects, about half come from the collections of French museums, while approximately 230 come from the Louvre Abu Dhabi’s own collection. The 2.5m statue dates to the pharaoh’s reign (1279-1213 BCE). Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes. Created by Maison Cartier’s in-house perfumer Mathilde Laurent with Transsolar KlimaEngineering, the installation invites visitors to climb a spiral staircase to immerse themselves in … All those who have purchased a ticket for this period will automatically receive a refund—no action is required. Louvre Abu Dhabi, along with NYU Abu Dhabi, will also host an online symposium on the future of museums from Monday, November 16 to Wednesday, November 18, tackling issues such as the pandemic and representation within arts and cultural institutions. It also levelled the field making it easily accessible to all. Approximately 23 feet high and created out of ten chandeliers made in China, this piece is an ode of sorts to an utopian Soviet monument that was never built. Leonardo da Vinci’s $450m Salvator Mundi to go on show at Louvre Abu Dhabi on 18 September. The rare 15th century map from Iraq is displayed in the Cosmography gallery and is an excellent example of how perceptions of the world varied as people started to venture out into the sea for trade and exploration. Louvre Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Paul Gauguin, France, 1888, oil on canvas. Related. The museum consists of 23 galleries, and approximately 600 art objects. Best known for his pioneering cubism, he reportedly once asked: ‘Are we to paint what’s on the face, what’s inside the face or what’s behind it?’. Both on your website and other media. 179K likes. Southern Spain or southern Italy, 1000-1200. Louvre Abu Dhabi und Große Moschee ab Dubai (ab 86,00 $) Ganztägige Tour durch die Stadt Abu Dhabi von Dubai aus. Hatta: Visit the mountainous region this winter, Treating the root cause of premature grey hair. Discover the exhibition in pictures. ART CLUB. Ahmad’s maps apparently helped Vasco Da Gama during his historical voyage to India. Da Vinci, it is said, loved to portray women. By developing tourism, education, and services, they aim to prepare for the post-oil age. 10 celebrities with hidden talents: Who flies planes and who speaks fluent French? I had tears in my eyes in that gallery. The Louvre Abu Dhabi’s auditorium program manager, Noor Suwaidi – a painter and curator in her own right – saw her first original work of art at age 23 at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington DC.She says, “I studied art from slides and books. North Africa 1726-1727, cast brass, silver nails. Pin 4. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu. Four key takeaways from Louvre Abu Dhabi symposium on the post-pandemic future London's National Gallery charges £8 for virtual tour of blockbuster Artemisia Gentileschi exhibition It’s an offensive and defensive weapon against the enemy.’ That did not stop him from creating over 20,000 works of art. Here, we take a look at some key pieces from the museum’s collection: ✱ Photography and mobile phones are permitted in the Louvre. Charging the ‘Beatles’: Inside the case against ISIS militants, The abandoned Surrey estate once home to an Iraqi king, Emirati woman in Abu Dhabi undergoes brain surgery while awake, Fakhrizadeh: the remote-controlled killing of Iran's top scientist, Jack Whitehall is coming to Dubai to perform in January. 10am to 10pm, Thursday and Friday. Tags from the story. That work is expected to return to Paris in November. The Paris Louvre has signed up its name to Abu Dhabi’s Louvre for a period of 30 years and 6 months. “It’s very important to have a work by Leonardo for the opening of Louvre Abu Dhabi,” Vincent Pomarede, the director of mediation and cultural programming for the Musée du Louvre told The National at the time of the loan’s announcement.

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