/PPP- Patience, Perseverance And Prayers – The Journey To Having A Baby

PPP- Patience, Perseverance And Prayers – The Journey To Having A Baby

Babies…These adorable little human beings who can’t talk, but keeps us busy for hours. They are those who at their single cry can make us drop our work and rush to their room like we are trying to catch a flight. Who wouldn’t want to have them? I haven’t met a single person, married or not, in my entire existence who doesn’t love babies. If you are planning to have your own bundle of joy, this article can help you prepare to become the best parent you can be.

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Our Firsts

After the excitement of the vows, reception and the ceremony, you enjoy some quiet months with your husband and bask in your marital bliss.

Now, don’t feel guilty. Don’t rush yourself and your spouse to have a baby immediately. This period is merely giving you and your significant other a time to renew yourself and prepare for the next chapter. Your body and mind will know when the right time is to conceive.

Take care of your body and do some cleansing and detoxification. After all the nights of party and binge eating whenever we feel down, we need to flush every bad toxin out of our system. Needless to say, for our little one to be healthy, we should create a safe environment for the baby in those 9 months of waiting.

Say “yes” whenever possible. If you can’t say “yes,” reframe your response to invite positive conversation. — Marilyn Price-Mitchell Ph.D.

Go Green

Have a dose of those greens and skip the mayo dressing no matter how tempting it may be and opt for vinaigrette dressing or simply a drop or two of olive oil.

Eat it at healthy portions together with your regular meal and you’ll notice a change in your eating patterns. The more leafy greens you consume, the lesser carbohydrates you take in and help you achieve that figure you have always wanted to have. Plus, a normal body weight during pregnancy is good.

Go Black, Brown or Purple

This pertains to the food color that we should be eating. I’m serious about this. There is truth to this eccentric recommendation. For example, instead of white rice, opt for brown or black rice. They have a low glycemic index which just means that you won’t get the same amount of sugar that you get from white long grain rice.

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Nutritionists also believed that the darker the color of the food, the higher amount of antioxidants it contains. It will also be abundant in nutrients and with that, the healthier the food. I’m no fan of the purple color, but if this is the main goal, why not?

Go for Nuts but don’t be one

You may have veered away from nuts during your teenage years because of the myth that they cause pimple breakouts. However, during this crucial time, you must love almonds. Try munching a handful of these nuts and they surely will give your reproductive system a boost. They help increase your chances of conception.

 Women are at risk for developing perinatal depression if they have a family history of mood/anxiety disorders, a personal history of depression/anxiety episodes, and other factors, including a sensitive response to the delicate interplay of hormones around reproductive life events. — Andrea Schneider, LCSW

Load up on those Vitamins

Most nutrients that are essential for the body’s growth and development of our vital organs are derived from our diet. However, in this special case where we need to prepare our body for the little one, we need the help of vitamins and it must be taken on a regular basis.

Folic acid, as high as 400IU, has been found by research to be beneficial to women as much as it is for the little one that is about to come by preventing neural tube defects and other cranial nerve defects.

Taking Maca root capsules – it can also help enhance your chances of having a baby in your arms soon. So, load up on these capsules and it won’t hurt your body by taking one capsule, 3x a day with meals.


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Not only does it help your body have that much-needed energy boost, it also balances your hormones to make sure that your calendar method of gauging your fertility will work. Though strenuous exercises are not exactly recommended. A run by the river, some lunges or walking several laps around the village you live in will do the trick.

Studies show that a good support network reduces women’s risk of having a low-birth weight baby. If you are pregnant and on your own, find people that can offer support and share excitement about your baby. — Irena Milentijevic, Ph.D.

Consult your Doctor

A visit to your obstetrician can increase your chances of conceiving. She may do a series of tests on both you and your spouse to help you get pregnant soon. The doctor may also prescribe some medications to boost your fertility and teach you some methods on monitoring your ovulation.

But of course, the most important part of this journey and to reach your goal of becoming pregnant is that: Never forget to bow down your head in prayer and ask for divine intervention to give you your heart’s desire – becoming a mother without complications.