/Sexual Positions That Enhances Your Chances Of Conceiving

Sexual Positions That Enhances Your Chances Of Conceiving

We are hard-wired to need other people, and hard-wired to want to create relationships. Wanting to have children touches the heart of this need. — Jean M Twenge Ph.D.

There is much debate on whether certain sexual positions can help in the conceiving process. Sex is not only made for pleasure, but also procreation, and there are certain sexual positions that increase your chances of conceiving, specifically, those positions that have direct access to the cervix. Although these sexual positions are not 100% sure that you will conceive, it does give a sense of security, especially those who are trying to no avail that something will work for them. Mind you, there may be other technical reasons why you cannot conceive. So, it is best you see your doctor on the matter, but if everything is fine with both you and your partner feel free to try these.

The Missionary

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This is considered one of the oldest positions in the book and may also be the most used position. The woman lays on her back and the male enters from the front. When you are laying on your back, the vagina is tilted downward, allowing for greater access to the cervix and an easier passageway for the sperm to slide down to the cervix. When both partners are comfortable and at ease, it is possible for an easier way of conceiving. This is one of the positions that aids in comfort because it is simple. It is rare that anyone can go wrong with this position.

Doggy Style or Backshot

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Then there is the doggy style, otherwise known as backshot position. This is where the woman is on both hands and knees and her partner enters her from behind. This position is a guaranteed way for deep penetration and may give chances of the sperm getting even closer to the egg. The cervix is located 3-4 inches within the vagina and for those women with more depth, it is around 5-7 inches. So we see here why deeper penetration may help to conceive. The doggy style position is also recommended for women with a tipped uterus. A tipped, tilted or retroverted uterus is when the uterus tilts towards the back of the pelvis. Although this will not make it harder for you to conceive, it won’t hurt to add the doggy style on your to-do-list when having sex. Who wouldn’t want to increase their chances?

Previous research shows that fertility issues can have a physical and psychological impact on both partners, with women being considerably more affected. In fact, there is evidence that unsuccessful fertility treatment may lower quality of life, increase stress levels, anxiety, and depression for the couple. — Rick Nauert PhD


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The spooning position is when both partners lay side by side. With this position, it is not necessarily how far the sperm can go, but how comfortable you are. It is said that being in your most comfortable state helps to conceive, and although in this position the sperm may not be closer to the cervix, it can definitely let you feel more relax and at ease.



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This position is where the woman is on top. Some believe that women who are trying to conceive should stay away from this position because of its gravity-defying properties. It actually can be good in conceiving because this is where the woman has the most control, allowing herself much pleasure (which is a part of her being comfortable) and it may also allow for the sperm to travel closer to the cervix as she can control how far the penis goes.

It’s important to know that, for many couples, it can take several months to a year or more to conceive. Try not to get discouraged, exercise self-compassion, and give yourself the benefit of patience. — Mieke Rivka Sidorsky, LCSW-C

A friendly reminder, these positions are only recommendations and may increase your chances of conceiving. Nonetheless, it is not the only way. Other factors have to be included such as time, fertility and sperm count. The beauty is that you are trying. Good luck!