/Surviving Teenage Pregnancy – Therapy, Pre-Natal Care, Motherhood Tips, And More

Surviving Teenage Pregnancy – Therapy, Pre-Natal Care, Motherhood Tips, And More


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Teenage pregnancy is a typical talk these days. Girls under the age of 18 are getting pregnant which means this can happen to anyone regardless of their status, religious beliefs and race. The bigger problem is, “Girls who hide their pregnancies don’t get monitored and educated about how to take care of themselves.  This can even happen with parents who do support their daughter through her pregnancy,” according to .

With this, it is best as a parent of teenage daughters who are pregnant to accept the situation and learn to forgive your child. She will need your support, help, and love.

Now, if you are the teenage mother, then you have to suck it up and mature overnight. In 9 months, you will give birth. Are you ready for that?


Below are some valuable tips to survive teenage pregnancy – a guide for the teen mom and their parents.

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Therapy For Pregnant Teens

Getting pregnant at an early age is difficult. Everything in your life will change and do a 360-degree spin. With this, you will need the services of a counselor or therapist to condition your mind with the changes that will take place soon. You can ask your parents to help you with this matter – seeking out a therapy program for teenage moms.


Prenatal Care For Teen Pregnancy

Prenatal care is essential to pregnant women. Pregnant teenagers are no exemption. With the changes that are about to happen, physically and emotionally, you have to make sure that your unborn baby will get the care he needs. Usually, very young mothers would try to avoid OB-GYNE appointments because of shame and the fear of being judged. If you are a parent of a teenage mom, help her out with this. Make sure that she is seeing her OB-GYNE.

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Who To Talk To First – The Baby’s Daddy Or Your Parents?

As a parent, you should always be prepared and open-minded. You have to establish that “open” relationship wherein your child can talk to you about anything. This way, you will be the first to know what is happening in her life and that includes teenage pregnancy. It is a lot to take in, and that’s understandable, but when you’re in the situation, just try to handle it calmly. “Yes, your daughter may still be a child, and she will always be your child. But if you treat her as a misbehaving kid, you are unlikely to be invited to her table,” said Jenn Lofft, LMFT.

If you are a teenage mother and you’re thinking of who to tell – well, it is best if you reveal the secret to your parents first. They will get angry, yes, but it’s a reasonable reaction. Chances are that your parents will help you during this time since love knows no condition and you are their daughter.


Dealing With Pregnancy Symptoms

If you are a mother, then you know how it feels to experience morning sickness and moodiness. Help your child with nausea and vomiting – teach her ways on how to get relief and comfort from it.

For the pregnant teenager, well, morning sickness is part of pregnancy. Now, you know how it feels. Find ways to alleviate such symptoms and take care of yourself.


Labor And Delivery For Teen Pregnancy

Talk to your child about delivery options – natural and at-home birth, water birth, normal delivery at the hospital, or the surgical way which is the Caesarean section. Discuss these things with your pregnant teenager and help her reach a wise decision. Of course, you need to ask her OB-GYNE which delivery method will work best for your pregnant daughter.


Social Impact Of Teen Pregnancy

Getting pregnant at a young age is not normal. Because of this, you cannot help other people if they talk about it behind your child’s back. As a parent, you must prepare your child on how to deal with this issue. If you don’t know how to do it, the therapist may be able to assist.

Your daughter will have a very different life after your grandchild is born. And so you must teach her how to cope with everyday life. You must also talk to her about her plans – take care of the baby, go back to school, finish college, drop out, work, and the likes. As a parent, how can you help with this issue? Find the answer in your heart and sit down with your pregnant teen.


Teen Pregnancy Support

More than what others may comment regarding your daughter’s untimely pregnancy, though, your greatest enemy is depression or anxiety. According to Dr. Dawn Kingston, “Depression and anxiety often start in pregnancy and carry on after the baby is born. In fact, most women with postpartum depression (50-80%), had symptoms of depression or anxiety first when they were pregnant.”

Make sure that your teenager will get the best support group in your community or an online setting like an online counselor. If problems may arise along the way, it is best that you as a parent would take it from a neutral point of view, and settle things in such a way that will benefit your pregnant daughter and her child.