/The Many Things Pregnant Women Need From Their Husbands (First Installment)

The Many Things Pregnant Women Need From Their Husbands (First Installment)

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According to Dr. Rick Nauert, “A new study suggests a bad relationship during pregnancy increases the risk of infection in both the mother and the newborn. The study suggests emotional health can influence infectious disease in the mother and the risk can be transferred in the womb to impact the physical health of a newborn.”

Such findings are not surprising anymore. When a woman is pregnant, she will need all the support she could get from her partner. I remember when I was pregnant with my first child up to the fifth. (Yes, I have five kids!) My husband would always get me what I want. He would always put me first, and I was the priority. That’s because I was carrying our child (and of course, he loves me!). The feeling is so great, and all my pregnancies were smooth and less stressful.

What is the type of support that pregnant women need, exactly? Support means not only financial but also emotional. I know that most men are not the cheesy type of guy who will fall on their knees, but at this time, I tell you that it’s necessary. Your wife will need constant reassurance since changes and uncertainties will take place when carrying a little one. (Our feet will double its size, the wedding ring won’t fit even the pinky finger, and don’t you dare ask about the nose, seriously.)

So if you are a loving spouse, you have to assist your pregnant wife. When she says, “Hun, I need…” – even if you’re taking a bath, go out of the tub, put on a towel and say, “YES, OF COURSE, I’LL DO IT.” (Ok, I’m just kidding.)

Anyway, to be specific, below are some of the things expectant mothers need from their partners.


Respond To The Announcement Of The Baby And Gender Appropriately.

Your reaction to the announcement of the pregnancy and the gender will have a lasting impact on her. She would know if you are excited to have the baby or not. If you are happy that you two are expecting, then show it to her. Shower her with love and appreciation. The problem now is if you’re not sure – just don’t show it to her until your nerves calm down. It can be overwhelming, but you’ll ease in I promise. Smile when she says it, hug her, and in time, you’ll have to accept it.


Tell Her She Is Beautiful And Mean it.

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Physical changes are drastic during pregnancy, but telling her that she is the most beautiful woman in the world for you will set aside insecurities and boost her confidence. If you love a person, she will always be beautiful in your eyes, right? Right??? So let go of the nose, the fingers, the feet, and her blackened armpits. Don’t you dare bring these up to her if you don’t want World War III to explode in your face.


Start Interacting With The Baby Now.

Interacting with the baby literally means talking to your baby. Through this interaction, you’re starting to bond with your unborn child, and this only shows how much you want that baby. It will please your wife so much that you are “helping out” with the baby. Yes, we see those funny noises you make when talking to our belly as “helping out.”


Massage Every Part Of Her Body, Especially Her Back.

Believe me when I say that after the second trimester, a pregnant woman will have all these aches and pains. There are several ways to ease muscle pains, but giving her a soothing massage is more intimate. She would surely appreciate it. I know, I would. Remember – give her a daily massage. No questions asked.


Don’t Take It Personally.

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During pregnancy, our hormones can be very unpredictable. Aside from that, “A psychological issue that comes up for many couples during pregnancy is how sexual and attractive the pregnant woman feels in her changing body,” Dr. Sarah Hunter Murray emphasized.

Whenever your wife throws unreasonable tantrums, I advise that you let it go and don’t take it personally. Think of her outburst as the crazy hormones speaking, and not the woman carrying your child. Don’t tell her that she is crazy, though. Anyway, remember she’s in a somewhat “heavy” situation right now with carrying your seed and what she needs are your love and support.

If that is not enough, “Individual and couples counseling is an effective way to resolve relationship conflicts, and improve communication between parents-to-be. Counseling can also enhance your sense of competence to talk with your partner and request to have your needs met,” according to Dr. Irene Milentijevic.

Do you want more tips? If you do, then watch out for my next blog about The Many Things Pregnant Women Need From Their Husbands – The Final Showdown. With five kids and twenty years of marriage, I pretty much know what I am talking about – just agree, okay?