/The Many Things Pregnant Women Need From Their Husbands (The Final Showdown)

The Many Things Pregnant Women Need From Their Husbands (The Final Showdown)

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In my last post titled The Many Things Pregnant Women Need From Their Husbands (First Installment), I mentioned five ways on how husbands can help their wives while pregnant with their babies. I may have joked around a bit all throughout the post, but my tips were serious and real. If you truly love your spouse, then you’ll have to make sacrifices.

When a woman is pregnant, her body and mind will be affected by hormones. She is not intentionally acting out. Your wife is not choosing to be difficult. It’s just that she is feeling all these emotions and its out of her control. Help her handle these feelings, and be extra understanding. Otherwise, in Dr. Irene Milentijevic‘s own words, “Depression in mothers due to not receiving enough support from their partners has been linked to premature delivery, low birth-weight and a host of ill effects later in their children’s life.”


To continue, here are more tips on supporting your pregnant wife:


Adjust To Her Changing Love Languages.

Due to her pregnancy and the bursting hormones, your wife may take your expression of love differently. With this, try something new just to meet what she needs. Asking her openly can also help in determining what you can do. After all, “Despite sexual activity being a safe activity for the vast majority of pregnant women, fear of miscarriage, fear of harming the fetus, fear of preterm labor and fear of infection were frequently described as reasons to avoid, or limit sexual activity by women and their partners,” according to Sarah Hunter Murray Ph.D.

When I was pregnant, I hated it when my husband nibbled on my ear. Before the baby was there, I loved the nibbling. And so when I reacted with an annoying face on his biting, he was shocked. He asked me why I was irate and I told him the reason. Now, he understood that nibbling wouldn’t work for me if I’m preggy. This brings me to the next tip.


Understand What She Is Going Through And Tell Her That You Want To Help.

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A man will never experience first-hand what a woman is going through while she’s pregnant. It’s not the role of the man to carry a child within, I know, but his “responsibility” to his wife is a heavy burden. He has to reassure her over and over again that everything is okay and that he is behind her every step of the way.


Go With Her To All Appointments With The Doctor.

Accompanying her to all prenatal checkups will make her feel loved and secured. Aside from that, you will also update her health, as well as your baby’s. You can also take this opportunity to ask the doctor everything – Can we still have sex? Will the baby get hurt? (I know you’re thinking about that and it’s the reason why I added the questions part.) Anyway, your presence will soothe your spouse, trust me.


Let Her Sleep.

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Being pregnant also means she will be exhausted all the time. I can’t even explain the body pain. With that, allow her to sleep long hours. She needs it to recover from the stress and anxiety of being pregnant. Make sure that she has plenty of shut-eye.


Be Patient And Enjoy The 9-Month Moment.

Remember that your patience will determine if you’re marriage during her pregnancy is near heaven or in hell. With that, you have to be the most patient man in the universe. Your change in attitude will not only make her pregnancy go smoothly, but it will also deepen your relationship as a couple. You hold the cards here, and you need to guide your spouse for the 9-month period.

Be sensitive to your wife’s needs. She may not say it, but she needs you now more than ever. You have to be there for her as she journeys on the first stage of motherhood. “There is increasing evidence that suggests that the intentional use of stress reduction skills during the preconception, prenatal and early parenting periods lessens the negative impacts of stress on mothers-to-be and their developing babies,” said Dr. Ann Diamond Weinstein.

Follow the tips in my first article as well as on this one, and you’ll be on the right track.

I hope my words of “wisdom” has enlightened you in a way. Soak it in, feel the “tips” within your being, and let it all out with much love. If you’re a father to be, then congratulations to you and your wife on having a little angel on the way!