6 Reasons To Rethink Divorce During Pregnancy


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“Studies show that unsupportive fathers-to-be depress expecting moms more than any other factor, which is not only harmful to their health, but can threaten the health of the unborn child,” according to Dr. Irene Milentijevic, a licensed psychologist. Whatever the intention may be or even though you have the most valid reason for filing one, still, getting a divorce is never a pleasing experience. And it becomes even more complicated when you find out that you’re expecting a baby soon. Such a condition complicates the situation even more. You will be torn between whether to pursue the proceedings or give your spouse another chance for the sake of your unborn child.

People around you have their opinions on the situation, but still, it is you who has the final say in the matter. But Tom King, LICSW, said, “When there are weeds of resentment and bitterness in a relationship, the partners tend to see only the weeds in the other and focus on trying to pull them out or poison them. You know the results of such behaviors. So the question is, how does one prepare the soil in one’s relationship garden so the soil will be willing to release the roots of bitterness?”

That is why you need to think hard – what must you do? Below are some of the reasons why you should take into consideration the idea of divorce.


Don’t Make Serious Decisions When You’re Overwhelmed.

During pregnancy, women experience hormonal imbalances. It can turn a pregnant woman irrational, emotional and even unreasonable. In short, during this stage, your decisions may be based on how you feel and not on how you think. Since divorce is a huge step, you should tackle it with a sound mind.

Its consequence is that you may put your unborn child in danger. According to Dr. Rick Nauert, “When it comes to the children, the connections are even more obvious than with the pregnant women. In the study researchers examined the occurrence of eight different infectious diseases, from the common cold to stomach flu and inflammation of the ear.”

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Children Thrive More in Two-Parent Homes.

There is this theory that children of a divorced couple who has a two-parent home tend to do better in life. But there is also a chance that the children will suffer from emotional problems, abuse (mental and physical), addiction, poverty and getting into early pregnancy. With these glaring facts, you have more than enough reasons to rethink about your divorce.


Being Pregnant Alone Can Be Very Tiring.

Carrying a baby for nine months is tough, and it will become more challenging when the baby is finally out. It will not only eat your time but your sanity as well. Typically, new mothers cannot do this alone. They need someone to be by their side to help with the baby. Postpartum depression is real, you know. Thus, divorcing the father of the child and ultimately shutting him out of your life is not a good idea at this time.


You Need The Additional Financial Support.

Getting a divorce costs money with court proceedings, lawyer fees, and all that. Having a baby also needs money. From the maternity checkups, vitamins, baby things, and hospital bills, you need help. That is a lot of money.  However, if you choose not to go through the divorce, you will also get your spouse’s support on your pregnancy.

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It’s Good To Have Both Parents Together – For You And Your Baby.

Having both of you to nurture your infant child is more than ideal. Aside from the emotional benefits, it is nice to know that your partner is there when you need help in taking care of the baby. Having him around can allow you to have time off and some rest.


A Baby Can Bring Forth Healing.

Having a baby is a blessing, and nothing in this world can explain the feeling of being a parent. It will change your perspective on life, your outlook and the baby will even make you mature in handling things. Maybe having a baby will heal the wounds between you and your husband. Thus, you should give it a try.


A baby can create miracles in your life. Don’t let your marital issues get in the way unless you’ve exhausted all efforts. Give it a chance. Try things out first before you finally say – I want a divorce.