15 Things To Do Before Adopting A Baby – Info From Adoptive Parents, Doctors, Therapists And More

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Waiting for an adopted family member is very exciting. Here are some things that you can do while waiting so that your time is productive. According to adoptive mothers, lawyers, doctors, therapists, and other specialists, these ideas are helpful and practical to do.

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Dealing With The Anxiety Of Getting Pregnant

Getting pregnant can be tricky. Some couples can get pregnant effortlessly while other couples are finding it a bit harder to do. It may take them a few months or even years to conceive.

What should you do when you are having anxiety attacks over this issue? Before your anxiety takes over your blissful marriage, know the tips on dealing with it.

What Is Anxiety?

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Anxiety deals with a wide range of feelings. You may be experiencing feelings of dread, worry, or intense fear. It may interfere with your daily functions such as doing household chores or going to work. You may also be having trouble concentrating on given tasks.

Feeling sick, dizzy, and tired was a daily call to the job I had to do in nourishing myself in order to be healthy rather than thin or fit or sexually attractive—which had previously been my holy grail. — Shirley Katz, PhD, CCC

Why Do I Keep Getting Anxious?

There are numerous reasons why you are getting anxious. Primarily, if you are having problems getting pregnant, there could be more underlying factors for your anxiety. You need to go deep to the root of your anxiety through psychotherapy. 

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Many women may experience some physical discomfort or difficulty sleeping. However, if a pregnant woman has been frequently tearful, worried about the future, despondent, or has any other serious symptoms, mental health treatment during pregnancy should be considered. Cecelia Quinn, PhD., LCSW

Seek Professional Help

One of the best advice regarding dealing with anxiety is to seek professional help. You don’t want your attacks to get the best of you. Address it at once so that you will be able your marriage without the anxiety attacks.

Admittedly, there are many reputable psychologists in your area that you will fit into your schedule. If you feel you are not compatible with the first psychologist you meet, don’t worry. You can try meeting with another psychologist. Therapy is not easy, but you must trust the process. Some report significant improvement after one to two years of continuous talk therapy. 

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What Is Talk Therapy?

Talk therapy can help you put your problems in a new light. During your first meeting, your therapist will lay out a treatment plan with your consent, to guide you through your progress. In the next sessions, you will have either a structured or free-flowing type of conversation. Your thoughts will be processed, meaning your therapist will try to dig deep on how you think. After this, your therapist will help you through good strategies on how to cope with your anxiety attacks. You will be astonished at how far you’ve come, compared to your first session.

Later on, you can join guided group therapy sessions. During these sessions, you will meet peers who are also suffering from anxiety. These sessions are a safe space; you can be sure that what you will be able to share your thoughts freely without fear of judgment. These people will be your longtime support group in the duration of your therapy.

The good news is that depression and anxiety during pregnancy are very treatable, as is postpartum depression. What’s key is making sure women are getting the proper screening at several points during their pregnancy and throughout the first year after giving birth. — Andrea Schneider, LCSW

Never Give Up!

Living life with anxiety can be tough, especially if your biggest problem is yourself. Every day is a constant battle with your thoughts, but you should never give up. There is still hope.

Remember that intense stress and anxiety can further lessen your chances of getting pregnant. Addressing these anxieties through talk therapy, as well as constant visits to your obstetrician will increase your fertility. Soon enough, you will be able to welcome your bundle of joy.

Are You Financially Ready To Have A Baby?

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So both you and your partner are primed and ready to have a kid. Being emotionally, mentally and physically prepared to take on the challenges parents face in bringing up a child is great. After all, every kid deserves to have a healthy, happy and loving family. However, he is also entitled to a financially stable home. Are your finances good enough to take on the strains brought about by child rearing?

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How Much Having A Baby Really Costs

We break down the top baby costs and suggest ways you can save on each because having a baby doesn’t come cheap.

Having a baby is more than your desire to bear one. It’s even more than your readiness physically, mentally and emotionally for the life-altering changes a little one brings in your relationship with your partner. Both of you needs to be financially ready for your planned bundle of joy as well.

While pregnant, you likely have little or no time to take care of yourself.  According to research, 64% of pregnant women report being more stressed during pregnancy than before they became pregnant. — Irena Milentijevic, Ph.D.

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PPP- Patience, Perseverance And Prayers – The Journey To Having A Baby

Babies…These adorable little human beings who can’t talk, but keeps us busy for hours. They are those who at their single cry can make us drop our work and rush to their room like we are trying to catch a flight. Who wouldn’t want to have them? I haven’t met a single person, married or not, in my entire existence who doesn’t love babies. If you are planning to have your own bundle of joy, this article can help you prepare to become the best parent you can be.

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Sexual Positions That Enhances Your Chances Of Conceiving

We are hard-wired to need other people, and hard-wired to want to create relationships. Wanting to have children touches the heart of this need. — Jean M Twenge Ph.D.

There is much debate on whether certain sexual positions can help in the conceiving process. Sex is not only made for pleasure, but also procreation, and there are certain sexual positions that increase your chances of conceiving, specifically, those positions that have direct access to the cervix. Although these sexual positions are not 100% sure that you will conceive, it does give a sense of security, especially those who are trying to no avail that something will work for them. Mind you, there may be other technical reasons why you cannot conceive. So, it is best you see your doctor on the matter, but if everything is fine with both you and your partner feel free to try these.

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Are You Ready: When Is The Right Time To Have A Baby

There comes a point in most women’s lives where they believe they are ready to have a child. But are they? These feelings come about for various reasons. A friend had a baby, you being around many children and that maternal feeling kicks in; your parents want a grandchild, and sometimes it’s the way you believe you can keep your spouse. Let’s face reality though. Having a child is not an easy task. As it is said by many, “It changes your life.” Therefore, you have to ensure that you are completely ready yourself for this new beginning.

According to a 2011 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the drop in birth rate since the end of 2007 is consistent among teenagers, those in their early twenties and thirties, and unmarried women. — Susan Newman Ph.D.

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Should I Give Birth Naturally Or Have A Cesarean

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In the USA, home birth used to be the way babies came into the world until the 20th century when increasingly hospital births became the norm. Now less than 1% of births are not hospital births. — Darcia F. Narvaez Ph.D.

Once women find out they are pregnant, many of them start to have an opinion on the Natural Birth Caesarean section, otherwise known as C-Section debate. Some think of natural birth as a gold star being added to their track record because they would have endured pain and significant discomfort to bring their child into the world. Others have no choice because of medical complications. Some believe it is foolish to suffer through unnecessary pain especially with advance medical alternatives readily available to the average person. Does voluntarily having a C-section make you a bad mom?

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Special Delivery

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Preparing for the birth of your child can be a truly magical time. There are millions of expectant mothers trying desperately to get everything just right for their babies and that sometimes includes the delivery. Every birth is a special delivery simply because it’s a new life and it can be the start of something very exciting for every new family. However, for many mothers, they are not really sure about delivery options for their child and what is the best for them either. It can be a worrying time as you simply want to ensure the child has the very best start in life. Read on to find out more.

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