Great Ways To Support Her During Pregnancy – Part 2


In my previous blog post, I provided some ways to support your woman when she’s pregnant. Being a mother myself, help and support from my partner during pregnancy never fails to boost my overall mood and drive to nurture my baby. Not to mention, Dr. Dawn Kingston said, “Bad stress is a major risk factor for anxiety and depression. Almost every study that has examined stress in pregnancy shows that high stress increases the chance of a pregnant woman developing depression and anxiety.” Trust me when I say that any sort of help is always appreciated and is a great way to bring your partner comfort.

Give Her A Massage


With the body cramps and all, your wife deserves all the massages she can get. The body massage will not only relieve her, but it will also be great in making things more convenient for her.

Be Understanding

Women experience a lot of crazy things during pregnancy, and most of these experiences can be sort of a nuisance. Instead of being against her and getting irritated, listen and give her the understanding she needs. She may be unreasonable at times (especially when the hormones are taking over her), but still give her that love. According to Megan MacCutcheon, LPC “Taking care of a baby is hard enough without also having to juggle challenging symptoms and feelings that are treatable. Parents need to hear they are not alone, their symptoms are not their fault, and that with help, they can feel better.”

Listen To Her

Pregnant women experience many different emotions. She will feel happy, sad, stressed out, frustrated, irritated, and even angry. And her way of expressing these emotions is through talking. As her partner, instead of shutting her out, have time to hear her out instead. Sometimes, having someone to talk to is all she needs.

Talk About It

Talking to your partner about your concerns, worries, and fears is also a big help, not only to you but the mother as well. Talking about it gives her an overview of how you are feeling about the whole pregnancy process and will help improve the intimacy between the two of you.

Prioritize Her

No matter what the situation may be, always have her on the top of your priority list. This is the time when she needs you the most, and she deserves to be a prime concern. When she feels that she is being put first, she will feel secure and this may settle her anxiety. “As it turns out, a mom’s stress during pregnancy can have lasting effects on her growing baby. Not only are a mom’s stress levels during pregnancy related to birth outcomes, but pregnancy stress has also been linked to developmental challenges that may extend throughout childhood and adolescence,” Dr. Darby Saxbe pointed out.

Create Memories Together


Once the baby is out, life for you two will never be the same. So before that happens, create memories that are special for the both of you. Do things you love doing with her, go on trips and have everything documented. Doing so will give you something to look back on.

Be The Birth Partner Of Her Dreams

Prepare for the big day. Help your partner choose how and where the baby will be delivered, pack the necessary things needed and even plan out the route to the hospital when the day finally arrives. Take her hands off those chores and take charge. Make sure that she’ll just focus on her and the baby on that day.

Look After Her

After the baby comes, your duty doesn’t end there. The mother, after birth, is exhausted and will need time to recover. During this time, do what you have to do to keep her and the baby comfortable. Get involved until she’s finally back to her old pace.

As a partner, you have to understand what your significant other is going through right now. Be sensitive and never hesitate to do things for her – out of love and not obligation. She will appreciate it and love you more for that.