The Truth About Motherhood

As a woman, we desire to have our own family, and that includes having a baby. Most of us already thought of becoming a mom at some points in our lives. Over the years, we develop more and more expectations as to what motherhood looks like. We tend to imagine things by reading books and magazines. And even watching movies becomes a guide. Sometimes, seeing your friends with their kids seems fantastic too.


However, motherhood is not just about bringing the baby to sleep. It is not about putting a pacifier into his mouth so you could leave him alone. It’s not just about cuddling and bonding. Yeah, that’s not going to work out like that. There are things that you might probably understand but doesn’t entirely look much into it because of too much expectation. To go further, here are the vital things you ought to know about motherhood.

Exposure to maternal prenatal high levels of psychosocial stress have been associated with dysregulation of metabolic, immune, endocrine and cognitive function in offspring. — Ann Diamond Weinstein Ph.D.

It’s Not What You Think It Looks Like

Yes, some information about motherhood may seem very encouraging and exciting, but it’s not always like that. Every woman’s experience varies from one person to another. Majority of women don’t experience the kind of stress-free duties that some may have. With that, not all babies are the same too. Some of them can become very hard to take care of because of the following reasons:

  1. The baby is sick and requires 24-hour attention. In this case, both parents will have to take turns in checking out the baby because his wellness is more important than any of your adult needs.
  2. The environment is not conducive for raising a newborn. Though you might figure out a way to lower down noises or keep the baby away from stress, it’s never going to happen with an environment that doesn’t seem to cooperate.
  3. The baby responds differently compared to others. Yes, you might expect the baby to roll over and spend the rest of his day sleeping, but it’s not always like that. Sometimes even the slightest of things can irritate him, and that lead to a non-stop annoying baby whimper.
  4. Everything is a trial and error. You don’t always know what to do. Most of the times, you get confused as to what should you do first, or who you need to talk to, or what advice you should follow.

Women have a variety of choices, and having a baby has turned into “an experience” that can be designed by pain management, home deliveries, or scheduled cesarean sections. Each approach seems to make a significant statement about values, identity, and parenting philosophy. — Athena H. Phillips, MSW, LCSW

The Dependence On The Internet

Admittedly, most women rely on the internet for a mouthful of information. Yes, it does help in some ways, but not all the details may identically match every mother’s needs. Therefore, you still need to figure things out on your own. And because the internet is full of ideas and information that somehow looks the same as the others, things get complicated. So instead of following what you see or read on some unreliable sources, better consult a pediatrician or health care professional. Prioritize your baby’s needs and stop wasting time looking for answers on the internet.


The Never-Ending Sacrifices

Most women fail to realize that motherhood is not just about giving birth. It takes more than a whole life of sacrifices that occasionally some of them don’t want to accept. Some may think that wiping baby poop, breastfeeding, and putting a baby to sleep is the worst (aside from literally giving birth). However, most mothers don’t want to talk about the future. They get overwhelmed with the idea that they are holding a precious little person in their hands that they forget to think about their purpose after that.

There was an awkward time for a few weeks where my belly was enlarged and elongated, so I looked like I had gained weight in all the wrong places. — Shirley Katz, PhD, CCC


Not All Woman Are Capable Of Having A Baby

Reality bites and it hurts more than you think. You may be stressed out today because you need to focus and pay attention to your baby or kids and that you feel like there’s no end to what you have to offer. But, be thankful. Not all women are capable of having a baby, not all of them can bear a child in their womb, and not all mothers can raise a child without having to choose between life and death. It is not that all women can share the same amount of happiness of creating a life inside them. Because the truth is, only a few are blessed to become a mom. You may complain about things you need to give up after motherhood, but others would die to experience what you currently have.

Despite the worse things you imagined while reading this article, having a baby is still an immeasurable thing that can ever happen to a woman’s life. The feeling is indescribable and unbelievable. Though you may have to consider a lot of things and become paranoid about how you should handle the situation, everything is all worth it. The joy of being a mother outweighs the pain, struggle, and sacrifices you might experience in the long run.